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Corporate Mission

To be the worldwide leading portfolio of lifestyle luxury brands for the tabletop, giftware and home décor industries through innovative products, exquisite design and operational excellence whilst recognising and embracing the balance of economic success, ethical conduct and social responsibility in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

Company Overview

A unique portfolio of iconic luxury home and lifestyle brands, which for more than 250 years have been synonymous with exquisite design, exacting quality and skilled craftsmanship:

Strongly Positioned For Growth

  • Brands are prominent in over 100 countries across six continents, in over 10,000 doors of the most high-profile retailers worldwide
  • Currently generates c. $450 million of sales, with approximately two-fifths in each of the Americas and Asia Pacific and one-fifth in EMEA
  • Introduction of contemporary ranges, new product initiatives and expansion into high-growth adjacent markets is driving significant sales growth worldwide
  • Developed an integrated global manufacturing, supply and logistics infrastructure that is one of the most sophisticated and efficient in the luxury industry

Featured in Leading luxury Retailers and Venues Around the World
and at High Profile Events

"Centres of Excellence": Anchors for Brand Heritage and Prestige

  • Extensive redevelopment completed in 2010
  • Low volume, high end prestige production of the highest quality hand cut crystal in the world
  • Attracts over 180,000 visitors per year
  • Continues apprenticeship culture by passing on centuries of experience in crystal craftsmanship
  • Retail store houses the world's largest collection of Waterford designs and products
  • Major redevelopment due to complete in Spring 2015
  • Projected to attract 175,000 visitors per year
  • Prestige production of the highest quality ceramic in the world
  • Craftsmen continue to refine and pass on industry-leading and unique ceramic techniques pioneered by Josiah Wedgwood in the 18th Century

Growing Across Luxury Home an Lifestyle Markets

Accelerated focus on gifting across
all brands, targeting luxury
channels, corporate gifting and
travel retail

Extended into home décor, interiors
and accessories through recent
launches of Waterford Interiors
and Wedgwood Home

Wedgwood Tea Rooms provide a contemporary twist to centuries-old English tea rituals, with the Wedgwood brand at the heart

Engaging Advertising

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Corporate Responsibility Principles Statement

Corporate Mission

To be the worldwide leading portfolio of lifestyle luxury brands for the tabletop, giftware and home décor industries through innovative products, exquisite design and operational excellence whilst recognising and embracing the balance of economic success, ethical conduct and social responsibility in our dealings with all our stakeholders.

Principles and Policies

WWRD recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to success.

Of course WWRD must be profitable in order to succeed in the long term; but we are committed to ensuring that our business decision-making is made within a clear ethical framework, in compliance with legal requirements and shows respect for people, communities and the environment.

WWRD's corporate principles offer clear guidance on how we expect our people and WWRD itself to behave. Our principles are communicated to all employees. They govern WWRD's approach to safety, health, the environment, the global community, employees, customers, business partners and our investors.

We expects all of our partners - whether suppliers, contractors or customers - also to meet our high standards.

Guiding Principles

By investing in human capital, the environment and relations with stakeholders, WWRD seeks to go beyond merely fulfilling legal expectations and compliance. WWRDs "Four Core Values" - Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork and Respect sit at the very heart of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and form the basis of our cultural stability worldwide.

We strive to apply the following key principles:

Our Policies

The Global Community

WWRD believes that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities in which they reside, global or local, is a vital part of delivering business success.

We recognise that many thousands of families worldwide are reliant on our continued growth and prosperity for their own livelihoods.

We are therefore proud to ensure that our activities contribute in a positive way to the social, economic and environmental well-being of all of the communities it which we operate. We also support many local community and national charities.

We are committed to minimising waste, reducing energy use, sourcing our materials and products responsibly and to promoting environmental awareness amongst our stakeholders demonstrated by our Global Environment Policy.

Our People

WWRD is a major employer, globally employing c. 3,700 people directly and with numerous other jobs dependent on our success. We consistently endorse practices that demonstrate our commitment to a diverse employment base offering equal and fair treatment and opportunities to all employees, whilst allowing each of our businesses to adopt employment practices that reflect the need of their own business sector but are in accordance with our Global Equal Opportunities Policy.

We are committed to ensuring high standards of health and safety management throughout all our operations, as stated in our Global Health and Safety Policy, recognizing that this is a fundamental and essential part of our business.

Our Customers

WWRD listens to what our customers tell us and we strive to provide products of the highest quality and superior design, continually innovating to exceed their expectations as stated in our Global Customer Care Policy.

Our Business Partners

Drawing on the experience and expertise of our staff, WWRD promotes responsible and fair business practices at every level of WWRD worldwide.

We design our corporate governance policies to foster ethical conduct and to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and laws, globally. However, WWRD believes that integrity means more than this. WWRD's core values include honesty, respect, open communication and accountability. In turn these core values shape WWRD's self-governing policies.

We therefore strive to conduct business ethically, honestly and in accordance with our Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and our Social and Ethical Policy. We implement practices that help to manage the risks to which we are exposed.

Our Investors

Stakeholder confidence is essential to the functioning of a global entity. WWRD's culture demands integrity and an unyielding commitment to strong internal practices and policies, as set out in our Risk Management Policy. We diligently maintain compliance with our established financial accounting policies and we report our results in accordance with applicable corporate governance requirements, with objectivity and the highest degree of integrity.

WWRD has the highest confidence in its financial reporting, its underlying system of controls and in its people, who are objective in their responsibilities and operate under the highest level of ethical standards.

Delivering the Policies

The senior management team in each WWRD business are responsible for implementation of the policies referred to above.

The Director responsible for WWRD's policies is Anthony Jones, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

A copy of our CSR Governance and Management Structure can be found here.

Successful delivery of the policies requires generating a culture that actively encourages best practice in all areas of our operations and ensures the real involvement of all our people, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK

WWRD is proud to be implementing Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in the United Kingdom.

A copy of our Risks and Opportunity Matrix can be found here.

A copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility report for the financial year ending March 2014 can be found here and a copy of our KPI's for the financial year ending March 2015 can be found here.

In the United Kingdom, WWRD has:

Pierre de Villemejane
Chief Executive Officer

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